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SM and the NCT syndicate have announced yet another project that we need to prepare our souls for. So far, just in the month of February, we’ve gotten two projects from NCT U, the one unit that has different experimental lineups, in the forms of “BOSS” and “Baby Don’t Stop (BDS).” Immediately after the release of BDS, NCT started releasing teasers for a new project with NCT Dream called “GO.” They’ve been releasing pictures and videos every day since March 1st with different catchphrases like “WE’RE SO YOUNG” AND “WE’RE SO FREAKY,” and to say that everyone is shook is an understatement.

After they released the timeline (on twitter) which was already in shambles because of the release of J-Hope’s Mixtape Hope World, we fell apart all over again because no one could believe that NCT Dream, which was made up of babies for younger fans, was putting out a video and a track that sounded like this. This look and sound that they’re putting out in this video is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from anything that we have heard from this particular unit before, and everyone has mixed feelings about it. Fast forward to the 2nd, and everyone was freaking out at the release of yet another video and the use of the catchphrase “WE SO FREAKY.”

I’m personally super excited because I feel like this is going to be a complete bop to add to everything else we’ve gotten from our favorite k-pop idols over the past two weeks (like I told ya’ll in the LOONA article, I can’t do cutesy concepts whether it be from boys or girls and NCT DREAM was no exception).

How do you feel about this abrupt 180 that we’re experiencing from DREAM right now? Do you like it, hate it, are you scared? Let’s wait and see what catchphrase they give us next!


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