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He did it yall! He finally did it! J-HOPE HAS RELEASED HIS MUCH ANTICIPATED MIXTAPE! I’m sorry but since I awoke yesterday I have been unable to type or tweet anything in lower case. My twitter feed pre 10 am EST was a mess of me feeling nauseous, freaking out and cursing from anxiety because it was the day people had been waiting for, the day that Hobie (J-Hope’s nickname) was finally releasing his mixtape. It didn’t seem real and all the ARMYs that I know struggled to come to terms with the fact that it was really here! There was no way that I was going to let this opportunity pass by, and so… here is my review of J-Hope’s Hope World mixtape!

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Let’s start with the first track, “Hope World!” In general, several of the tracks on this mixtape have an old school, 90s house hip-hop feel, and the same is true of the album opener. The song opens with underwater sounds until you surface and there’s an array of funky noises amping up until the beat drops and this wide open, upbeat, and general feel-good sound sweeps you away.


Then J-Hope starts in on the lyrics with a bright voice, saying “(yup, yup, yup) my name is my life, A hopeful vibe, A positive rather than a negative type, I live up to my name but ain’t no price.” Already we get the vibe that J-Hope is going to open up about who he is as an artist and public figure; this is the song that answers the question “who is J-Hope?” Not only are the lyrics detailing his thankfulness for coming to where he is as J-Hope in an energetic manner, but the vibe of the song is exactly the type of feeling that you would expect J-Hope, the entertainer, to create. He says “This is style, This is mine.” It’s an invitation to come see the bright, happy place which he’s created. Come live in Hope World for the duration of this tape and enjoy your life, youth, and your own uniqueness.

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The next song is called “P.O.P (Piece of Peace) Pt.1,” and is possibly my favorite song on the mixtape. I had been listening without the lyrics so as I write this, it is my first time immersing my self in both the songs and lyrics. This song really just snatched my heart and soul away. It has a sincerity that you hear in Hobie’s voice and in the song as it opens with another house heavy sounding beat until that gives away quickly to just J-Hope’s voice over a keyboard.

I’m reading through the lyrics and tearing up once again. The way that he delivers these words is raw and I got to the lines “I want to convey courage, You are the standard for happiness and you walk that road, I want to fill up that belief,” and had to stop and take a break. I feel that this is the song Hobie wrote about reconciling his two selves, J-Hope and Jung Hoseok. Then you have the chorus about him being someone’s strength, someone’s hope, and wanting to be their piece of peace as well. He is pouring out his heart in the things that he wants to do for people and for his country while talking about the struggles that come along with that. The song ends kind of abruptly with him saying ‘I want to be a piece of peace’ and that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you make me cry.

Hope World is everywhere on Spotify and Itunes! Stay tuned for part 2 of this review coming soon!



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