MadTown's Jota Photo Source: Naver

The first time I noticed Jota was on ‘Let’s Go Dream Team’. He nearly caused an upset for vault-idol Minhyuk of BTOB. Minhyuk was favorited to win the contest from the beginning, but Jota’s silent determination shocked everyone, including me. From that moment, I began to follow Jota and subsequently MadTown. I loved this guy and watched almost everything he was in.  When he showed up in the judo series of my then favorite show, ‘Cool Kiz’ On The Block’, I lost it. Jota was beyond amazing. We later learned that he played the sport in school and was so good that he could have gone to the next level, but instead chose to chase his dream to sing. On the mat, Jota was virtually untouchable. Even when thoroughly exhausted and just about beaten, he never gave in to the pressure and kept fighting. That kind of man is rare. He had my heart. He was on equal footing as my ultimate bias, Gong Yoo. No one has ever impressed me that much. Jota showed the true heart of a warrior. I now deem him the “Warrior-Idol.” Nothing solidifies his qualification for that title more than the most recent news of his return to entertainment. MadTown fans will be able to see Jota again in the best way possible: ‘Law of the Jungle Mexico’. I couldn’t be happier.

MadTown has suffered greatly since entering the K-pop scene. Jota, in particular, has worked his fingers to the bone trying to maintain the group’s active status, much less retain any popularity they once enjoyed. The poor guy not only has had to fend for himself concerning his work schedule since GNI’s CEO was indicted and found guilty of fraud, but he has also been fighting a legal battle on the side to free him and the rest of MadTown from the label’s clutches. These guys just want to sing. It’s completely unfair how they have been treated throughout this whole ordeal and highlights yet another way K-pop artists are unprotected in the industry.

Now that Jota is returning, I feel so relieved. K-pop fans have it rough sometimes. This fandom experiences the most difficulties of any fandom I have ever seen. We’re constantly worried that things most of us consider normal in life could result in career-ending scandals for artists. Then there’s the added pressure from their labels. That’s what happened with MadTown. They were an up and coming group who had all the potential in the world. They initially signed with J-Tunes, an already shaky company that let fans down when they allowed our kings, MBLAQ, to suffer. Then MadTown was even further beat down when their contract was sold to GNI Entertainment.

The road has been brutal for MadTown, but Jota never gave up. He has proven that on and off the mat, he is a fighter. It is my fervent hope that South Korean lawmakers will see MadTown’s case and find a way to close the loopholes that leave artists stranded while the labels continue to strangle their dreams. K-pop is such a lucrative industry for the country. I hope that they will care more for those that give up so much to ensure its success.

Are you as happy as we are to see Jota come back? Hopefully, all of MadTown will return soon. Mexico fans, will you help us in supporting MadTown and cheering on Jota in his return?


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