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My favorite thing about being a Hidden KARD (the name of co-ed K-pop group KARD‘s fan base) is that they absolutely SPOIL us with dance videos and ‘hidden’ versions of a lot of their releases. This time around the group has delivered a black and white dance practice video for the track ‘Push & Pull’ from their second mini album. The song is one of my favorites from the album and I am still bopping to it months later.

In the video, Somin, BM (short for Big Matthew), J. Seph and Jiwoo show us the kind of fluid, swaggy dance moves that the group has become known for with earlier releases. The group always seems to have a very laid back but graceful feeling when they dance together and I can never get enough of watching them perform as a team. There is a moment in the dance that I really loved, about a minute and twenty seconds into the video, where Jiwoo controls the two male members movements as though they are puppets. Subtle movements like that always grab my attention!

Source: KARD Official Youtube

The chorus uses slightly more simple dance moves that will be easy for fans who enjoy learning K-pop choreo to pick up with some practice. I have tried and failed, in the past to get some K-pop dance moves down but to those who enjoy and can make their bodies listen to their brains, I salute you! Another great moment in the video comes at the end after the actual practice is over. Jiwoo forgets where they are in the song and a funny blooper moment happens.

I’m always so excited to see what KARD will do next, and these little surprises from the group make being their fan worth it all the time. If you haven’t given them a shot yet, please take a moment to listen and watch some of their videos! You won’t regret it!


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