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So, I’m going to out myself a bit here, but I am an avid boy group lover and stan.

I have tried to get into girl groups, I have tried several times, but I really can’t get into/relate to the types music that they generally tend to make. I always felt bad about this because a lot of people on twitter would talk about how those who didn’t like girl groups, especially other women, were against women and misogynistic, etc. I know I am not either of those things, and I really want to support other women, but I just can not get with the bubble gum, hyper/uppity, cutesy sounding music nor concepts (and that’s not just for girl groups but boy groups that do it as well!).

And then someone shoved LOONA in my face and I started to fall; HARD. The first song I heard was Eclipse by Kim Lip, and it was really right up my alley with the alternative r&b vibe that had heavy EDM/house elements. Next up was Singing In The Rain by JinSoul and I was completely sold. Not only was her song of the same wave/vibe that Eclipse was, but the aesthetics of the video as well as her visuals told me that this may be the girl group for me.

Insert Choerry, Odd Eye Circle unit work, HaSeul, and Go Won and I was convinced that these girls would be different. Now, don’t get me wrong, there were still members that had more “traditional” girl group sounds, and no I didn’t care to download the songs, but based on the unit work and the individual songs, I think that this group is one that I can really get behind. And, just like for any artist, there will be songs I absolutely love and songs I skip every time the first beat plays, but that is life.

And what better news could I have gotten the other day when I found out, after almost 2 years of introducing the girls and releasing individual songs and videos, that THEY’RE GOING TO DEBUT OFFICIALLY ON THE 29TH (or at least that’s what people are theorizing?)! I can not wait to see what it is that they bring to us as a whole group and I WILL be supporting regardless because they’ve opened my mind to the different vibes that girl groups are capable of bringing to the table.

Side note: it seems like a lot of the songs coming out now are more up my alley! Songs like Peek-a-boo by Red Velvet, Likey (still on the fence) by Twice, Bad Boy by Red Velvet, I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend by Weki Meki, etc., have really given me more hope for a future love with girl groups.


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