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I don’t know many K-music fans who don’t love Jay Park. Whether you were really into the group 2PM when he was part of it, or you only know him through his solo work as Jay Park, there’s just something about Park Jaebum that makes people fall in love with him. Undeniably talented, the dancer-turned-idol-turned-solo-artist has always worked hard and devoted himself to his music and his craft, proving over and over again that he isn’t playing around when it comes to the K-hip hop scene and his work.

Now, we get an inside look at all of the work that goes into the production of a Jay Park concert. In ‘All Of Me’, a video recently released on Jay Park’s official Youtube, the singer delivers a video full of interviews and behind the scenes footage that shows preparation for his concert in Seoul with the same name. The concert was held this January 20th and 21st and Jay said that over one hundred hours of work went into getting ready for the show.

Watching all of the hard work that goes into something that seems to be over so quickly really makes you think about all of the time and effort the artists we love put into this music for us as fans. I can’t help but deeply admire not only Jay Park, but his entire team of back up dancers, producers, the band and all of the staff that also worked so hard to create this event. The ‘All Of Me’ mini-documentary really made me think about how much it takes to put on even one single show and how lucky we are as fans to be able to see the results of our artists’ planning and practice.

Let’s wait and see what the future holds for Jay Park going forward from here! Remeber how hard musicians and the teams behind them work to put on these shows for us, and always take the chance to say thank you when you can! 


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