Do Kyung Soo Photo Source: Max Movie

Most Korean celebrities are well known for their flawless visuals and trendsetting fashion. Yet, not every man can pull off the dreaded military cut and some women don’t really look good with a short boy-cut. However, I have seen a few that not only look good with these styles, they actually make the style itself look enticing. Here are a few of my favorite K-celebs who look scrumptious with short hairdos.

D.O. of EXO

Kyungsoo Do for High Cut

D.O, whose real name is Do Kyungsoo, has a soul-burning stare that reduces his fans to smiles when they see him. The whole EXO crew stays on point with the fashion, but D.O. has made the buzz cut look fashionable. His angelic face is the perfect frame to highlight the usually haphazard look that most male celebrities would avoid like the plague.

Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seung Gi in Hwayugi Photo Source: tvN

Lee Seung Gi was featured in a previous article as one of my favorite actors who are actually idols. It was in his first post-military project that I realized that this guy’s handsomeness is virtually untouchable. He plays a mischevious demon in Hwayugi who is also the love interest of the lead actress. I am sure that his heavenly locks would have been just as attractive, but there’s something about the short spikey style he’s sporting now that makes him look oh-so-dangerous, and I LIKE IT!


Cheetah for CeCi Magazine
Photo Source: Cheetah’s Official Instagram

The Unpretty Rap Star is anything but unpretty. Cheetah is fierce on the mic and fiercely chic with a boy-cut. Korean entertainment is littered with hyper-feminine and delicate beauties. Cheetah’s arrival on Unpretty Rap Star challenged those standards and redefined “beautiful.” Her striking kitten-like face is accentuated even more with this style. She definitely left a lasting impression.

Jeongyeon of Twice
Jeongyeon of Twice
Photo Source: Twice Official Website

I don’t know much about JYP’s mega-popular girl group, Twice, but I know that they have one of the cutest members ever. The group itself are the epitome of cute, but it was refreshing to see a variety in their looks that wasn’t just hair color. Jeongyeon is just darling with short hair. Her innocence shines right through. I have seen her on a few variety shows, and I always notice how well it suits her. She is the one I always look for.

Kim Feel

Kim Feel
Photo Source: Kim Feel’s Official Instagram

For some of you, this may be a new name. If you like ballads and emotionally charged songs that get all up in your spirit, look up Kim Feel. His voice will bring you to tears and break your heart. I recommend watching him on Immortal Song 2 where you can experience both his heart-melting voice and his short haircut. I think he looks much more handsome with shorter hair than longer. Although he is handsome either way, I find that longer hair softens his masculine features as well as distracts from his razor-sharp jawline.

So these are the K-celebs who have impressed me with short hair. Are there any that you like better with shorter dos?



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