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Don’t you love when individual members of your favorite groups get to put out music and other projects that they’ve been working on? I love it because it shows that they are still themselves, still an individual, despite being a part of a group. Sometimes their interests are vastly different from the music and choreography that they do as a part of the group and I love knowing and seeing what different things really make up that person that I love and support so much.

Well! We’ve gotten some knew individual work from Mr. I.M, or Changkyun, of Monsta X and I couldn’t be happier! I don’t know if I hadn’t been paying attention or if he just didn’t talk about it much, but a couple of days ago I got the notification that he had dropped a song on Soundcloud and that there was also a video available on Vlive and YouTube.

To say I was pleasantly surprised is an understatement y’all. I knew within the first three seconds, literally, it was three seconds, I checked, I knew that I was going to love this song. What I didn’t anticipate was listening to it on repeat for the entire morning. The song has a VERY smooth and wavy r&b vibe where I.M is doing that sing/rapping thing that artists are doing nowadays. Even though it has this alternative r&b/trap beat which kind of gives off the feeling of riding dirty or acting “hard” with your friends back when you were younger, the lyrics are actually sickeningly sweet; speaking of love and connections and only needing each other’s breaths to survive.

Source: StarshipTV Official YouTube

Not to mention how beautifully shot this video is! The dark color scheme lends itself to the dark yet relaxed vibe of the song and makes for some picturesque shots. There is a scene of I.M in a room that has a very blue hue which then transitions to a sunset where he stands on a cliff over a darkening ocean with the deep blues and oranges popping in the sky. Everything about this song and video just invites you to sit back in your seat, wherever you may be, relax, vibe, and just observe your surroundings… it’s definitely my kind of song.

Sound off in the comments about what you thought about I.M’s newest solo release?! Did you love it, hate it, want something different? Tell me what you think!


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