Source: BTS Official Twitter

When I think about the multitude of music genres out there, it’s hard to pinpoint where my taste most lies. I love a variety of music from soul, r&b, hip-hop, rap, EDM, house, alternative screamo, indie rock, etc. Lately, though, I’ve found myself drawn to “alternative” genres the most, such as alternative r&b, alternative hip-hop, and neo-soul. I really love this alternative niche of music that tends to go unnoticed by mainstream and radio listening peoples. But imagine my surprise when one of my favorite artists from my favorite group starts to post the same artists that I know, love dearly, and listen to faithfully?

Source: BTS Official Twitter

It hasn’t been long since I’ve been on stan twitter. I give BTS all the credit for getting me to use Twitter in the first place, and I’m just starting to realize all of the different ways that our faves try to reach out and make a connection with us. So Namjoon, or RM, of BTS has been doing hashtag #RMusic as a way to share the music that he’s been listening to and loves. I had noticed it and even found a playlist on Spotify with a lot of the songs that he’s shared…but one day he posted Get You by Daniel Caesar featuring Kali Uchis, who is one of the most up and coming alternative r&b artists out right now, and it was a song I had been listening to religiously.

Source: BTS Official Twitter

Now before we continue, as a way of understanding what alternative r&b is/consists of, I want to reference an article written by Holly Rubenstein that defines it as “a sound that breaks with traditional R&B by including influences from electronic, ambient and alternative indie music, as well as dubstep and some hip-hop. Key attributes are a lo-fi yet richly textured sound, ample use of atmospheric synths, occasional samples from indie music and thoughtful, often dark, philosophical lyrics.” To give you an idea of what that sounds like, I’ve linked the youtube videos of one of my favorite artists and one of Namjoon’s top picks, which is Frozen by Sabrina Claudio (you should let it play while you continue to read).

He has a great and wide taste of music, but when it comes to alternative r&b, Namjoon really picks the cream of the crop, and its comforting to know that someone you love so much has similar interests and loves as you. He’s mentioned Daniel Caesar twice, as has Tae, Jorja Smith, Sabrina Claudio, Bazzi, Berhana, Offonoff and many more… If you’re interested go check out #RMusic on twitter!

Source: BTS Official Twitter
Source: BTS Official Twitter
Source: BTS Official Twitter
Mine by Bazzi, Source: BTS Official Twitter
Source: BTS Official Twitter

If you have any interest in these particular songs or in alternative r&b at all, let’s get a conversation started in the comments! This is really something I’m passionate about and love, so I’d like to talk more about it with ya’ll!

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