Top left to right: Lee Seung Gi, Kang Nam, Eric Mun

K-drama lovers may appreciate this article the most. Recently, I was discussing the drama, Hwayugi, with a friend and realized that she had no idea that three of the leading cast members are actually idols, particularly Lee Seung Gi. Of course, I had to take a moment to flex my K-pop/K-drama knowledge to bring her up to speed, complete with a YouTube jam session. Actually, there a number of actors that are bonafide musicians who have done so well at acting that it’s easy to forget how they started. Here are three of idols that have conquered the big and small screen.

Lee Seung Gi

Although he mostly focused on acting just before enlistment, Lee Seung Gi is actually an idol. Seung Gi is a complete treasure. Good looking, intelligent, funny, and the man can saaaaang! As you can see from the video below, he can also play the piano. How perfect is he?!? It gets better. As an original member of my favorite Korean variety shown, 1 Night 2 Days, Seung Gi secured the hearts of fans with his witty personality and adorable sense of humor.  His playful smile makes your heart flutter and while his singing sweeps you off your feet. Its no wonder why his transition to acting was so successful.

Kangnam (formerly of MIB)

Kangnam debuted under the group MIB (Most Important Busters/Men In Black). He was so pretty in that video that I had to do a double take to make sure he was a male. Although his band didn’t too well and eventually disbanded, Kangnam’s wacky personality would help him stand out from the crowd. After he left the band, Kangnam joined a few programs as a permanent member, including I live Alone and Kang Ho Dong’s Invisible Man, but it wasn’t until a successful stint on the ultimate survivor show, Law of the Jungle, that Kangnam really began to shine. Although he is a hilarious nutcase by nature, Law of the Jungle allowed him to show a different side. He became manlier and more dependable to the point that the show’s frontman, Lee Byung Man, began to sing his praises. After Kangnam openly expressed his desire to be a permanent member on the show, we began to see him more and more. I personally liked MIB’s music. I think it was just a bit ahead of its time, or maybe they needed a visionary like BTS’s Bang PD. In any case, I hope that the other members are doing well and that Kangnam finds his way back to music.

Eric Mun (Shinhwa)

Although Shinhwa are first generation idols and technically too old to be considered idols, they are still active so yeah… Eric’s an idol. Eric has been acting for quite a while. He has one of the most attractive kisses in K-drama land, in my opinion, and has even won the title “Ro-Co King” for his acting. However, he will forever be known as Shinhwa’s leader and resident weirdo. The group has already beat the K-pop life expectancy odds by remaining together for more than 15 years, but also by continuously winning award after award whenever they release new music. Shinhwa are literal legends in the game. They are what your faves aspire to be. Eric, in particular, has been extremely successful as an actor. Since he is my Shinhwa bias wrecker, I always look forward to seeing him on screen whether it’s in a video or a drama.

Well, that’s my list for now. Do you have any idols-turned-actor faves that should have made the list? 


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