Stressed out meme via google

So if you are a fan of either K-pop or K-dramas then you know just how addicting it all is. You start listening to one song and then all of a sudden you want to watch the music video. Then YouTube is recommending you watch other groups or watch their variety show appearances and so on and so forth. Finally, you realize its midnight and you haven’t done anything that you were intending to do.

My YouTube recommendation home screen full of k-pop recommendations

OR, you decide to watch an episode of the drama you’re watching while eating or taking a break when the end of the episode they leave you with some sort of conflict or cliffhanger that you MUST have solved. So you click the next episode, then the next and it becomes a full out binge session, and once again, you end up not doing what you were supposed to do. Homepage Trending Dramas in the US (of which I’ve watched all but 1)

THEN you have social media, especially Twitter, where you gather with other people who like the same groups or dramas as you and start talking about what is going on in the show or who you love or what they’re doing next, and you loose hours that way too. Is it just me?! Am I the only one struggling to balance my daily life with work and school and my obsession with K-pop, K-dramas and stan Twitter?

If I am the only one, tell me how to get my life back on track in the comments below! If I’m not and you’re struggling too, we can have a support group session in the comments too… (or on twitter haha)


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