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It seems like everywhere I turn lately, K-R&B singer Suran is making her presence known. In the last year, she has worked with BTS’s Suga, K-R&B singer Dean, Changmo, CRUSH, and now the talented singer/songwriter is coming together with Dynamic Duo to lend her unique voice to their latest release. The song봉제선’ (Bongjeseon, which translates to ‘sewing line’) is Dynamic Duo’s first official release in over two years (not including recent contributions on collaborations and credits for producing). The pair has been busy on ‘Show Me The Money’ but have been quiet with their own music releases until now. 

In the music video for 봉제선’, a faltering relationship between the characters is compared to clothing that keeps ripping apart at the seams. Despite the efforts of the couple to repair the cloth and try to make it nice again, holes keep opening up, making their efforts a waste. The song tells the same story, ‘Our stitches are loosening, the straight line of our stitches is becoming crooked’ ‘These pieces that are spreading apart and getting farther away, we’re holding onto them stubbornly’. But in the end, the clothing, and we can also assume, the relationship, just won’t stay together. The visual representation of the relationship being like the tearing clothes was a really creative way to illustrate the lyrics and message of this song, and I think Suran’s slightly raspy but high voice suits the sad feeling of the lyrics. Despite both people knowing that things are not going to turn out well, they both try to hold on to each other because of the memories they have shared.



Even though the message is a bit sad, I have to say that I really enjoyed the tone and the flow of the song. There is a hard truth in the lyrics, that letting go of a love that might not be right is never easy, even when you give it your best shot to keep things together. I loved the imagery of the sewing machine and the textures of all of the fabrics in the video as well. Dynamic Duo has always been able to pull off really great music and videos, and 봉제선’ is no exception. I’m thrilled to see Suran featuring with more great artists as well, and she is quickly becoming a new favorite artist of mine as I hear more and more from her in the K-music scene.

Check out the video for 봉제선’ on the Amoeba Culture Youtube channel and follow Suran on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with whatever she gets up to next!


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