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Have you ever had one of those moments when you see a gif or a brief video clip on social media, better ye Twitter, and you’re immediately wondering, WHO IS THAT?! On this particular day, I had come across a four-second video of a guy with a bright smile, mischievous look, and curly hair leaning back on a long last supper style table with amazingly pigmented red and blue colors. He was working that camera. I was immediately captivated by this persona being projected so strongly in the span of four seconds that I decided to quote retweet the video and ask the stan Twitterverse who this guy was and where he came from.

Eventually, someone got back to me saying his name was Ayno and he was in a group called VAV and it was from their new “Spotlight” music video.

This video has a darker and sexier vibe while the song itself is a bright and upbeat funk/jazz heavy tune. The boys exhibit sharp and beat hitting choreography amidst beautiful color themed artistic/abstract aesthetic shots throughout the video. Ayno continues to be an eye catcher with his bright and playful personality, bouncing curls and dancing while the others serve fierce and smoldering looks.

Then they have another video called “Gorgeous” that came out soon after Spotlight which shows a whole different vibe for the group. It is all about fun, brightness, and energy in this video (the opposite of Spotlight), though the sound of the songs are similar with very heavy funk and jazz influences and some touches of 80s reminiscent synth. Everyone is smiling and looking like they’re enjoying their choreography so much while the videography is just as upbeat and crazy as the song itself. The vocals are stable and on point throughout while everyone is being a character and living their best lives.

At this point, I’m sold. I will be getting more into their music and videos, and who knows, maybe I can add them to my rank of k-pop obsessions.

Sound off in the comments below about how you felt about VAV’s videos Spotlight and Gorgeous. Did they come for you too?


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