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So if you have been anywhere near K-pop stan twitter or Vlive recently then you should know that NCT U are finally [FINALLY!!!] making a comeback after two years. NCT U was the first and original group to debut from the NCT syndicate (it took me forever to figure out the perfect word to describe the monstrosity and revolutionary group that is NCT) back in 2016.

On the morning of February 13th, SMTown made waves when they dropped the 30 second teaser for NCT U’s first ever comeback with the song “Boss!”

This sound is really hard to describe, but I’m going to try. The song teaser starts with something of a prominent but hollowed out bass sound that borders on EDM with a crisp snare but no real beat to be spoken for before it opens up into a short clip with a heavy, punching beat drop, full sounding bass, horns, rhythmic oh’s in a tenor voice. To say that I’m excited is a HUGE understatement.

Music Video ➫ 2018.2.19 0am (KST)

#NCT_U_BOSS #NCT_U #BOSS #NCT2018 — NCT (@NCTsmtown) February 17, 2018

Fast forward to a few days later, the 17th, and they just dropped a picture on their twitter with the release date! February 19th at midnight Korean Standard Time. I literally can not contain my excitement but also my anger. A lot of people had been talking about this comeback not only because it has been so long and is so well deserved, but because of the fact that some of those members who were in the original line up have been removed.

Now, we had heard that NCT U was going to be a group whose line up was subject to change, but I don’t think anyone was imagining that members would be taken away, only added. So imagine our surprise, and anger, at the realization that Ten and Taeil were missing. People were in outrage about Ten because he’s been in SM’s “dungeon” since U debut. He wasn’t put into any other groups and only did one solo song in the past two years and everyone feels as though he deserves more.

Despite being upset, everyone is super excited and we look forward to seeing what NCT U has prepared for us this go around.

Sound off in the comments below about your thoughts on the lineup change and the teaser!



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