Source: While You Were Sleeping official Viki

Hey you, do you watch K-dramas? Hey, you again, do you listen to K-pop? Is it one or the other for you, or are you a pro and consume both? Have you ever wondered why or how you’ve gotten into this situation or thought about why you’re resisting? Well, aside from South Korea working it’s cultural juju, basically, you become super interested in their culture, language, food, and start to seek it out in different ways because Korea has mastered the art of connecting all entertainment genres through idols.


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Did you notice that a lot of the celebrities in South Korea’s entertainment industry are wildly multitalented with skills such as singing, dancing, acting, drawing, and more? Unlike here in the US where it’s acceptable to only sing or to only act, in South Korea, it’s better to be talented at a variety of things. For example, idols like EXO’s Baekhyun, and IU (Scarlet Heart Ryeo) 2PM’s Junho (Just Between Lovers), BTS’s Taehyung/V (Hwarang), Miss A’s Suzy (While You Were Sleeping) have all become successful actors that are accepted in both music and film.

Source: Hwarang official Viki
Source: While You Were Sleeping official Viki

As fans, once we get excited about an idol, whether it’s from acting in a drama or music and dancing, we will most likely search for other things they’ve done until we stumble across something else that draws us further in and… Well, that’s when we receive our unofficial welcome into the South Korean Hallyu Wave rabbit hole, my friend. It’s okay though, because there’s nothing better to dedicate your time to than great music and awesome dramas that will put you all up in your feels. So the next time you’re listening to your faves or watching that sweet drama, pay attention to who’s involved and check out what else they’re doing. You never know. They could be doing a bunch of other things you’ll love.

See? Look at that. I’ve just given you something to do on a lazy Saturday or in between school or work. You’re welcome.


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