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On February 12, Royal Pirates ex-member James Lee announced that he started a Kickstarter to fund his first EP since leaving the group and label after a horrific accident severed his arm.  Less than two days later, James’ Kickstarter has more than doubled his original asking amount.

photo credit: James Lee Kickstarter

I previously wrote about K-pop idols using crowdfunding to help source their upcoming projects a few weeks ago and I noticed some differences between the artists I wrote about then and Lee. With projects from rookie groups, if you aren’t already a fan of theirs, you generally don’t hear about them. I had heard of a few artists attempting to crowdfund their latest project but it wasn’t until I visited the Makestar site did I realize just how many artists were attempting to use this avenue to fund their newest album or photobook.

While I typically prefer rap and R&B/Soul, I was still familiar with the K-Rock group, Royal Pirates. I had also heard the heartbreaking story of James leaving his beloved group. It was devastating to see the pictures of his hand and to read the despair in his words as he went through countless hours of rehab. I wanted to give James all my money once I saw the Kickstarter on social media because his story touched my heart. Even though his hand will never be the same again, he is refusing to give up his dream and is instead using his talent in a different way.

After a few hours of following the spread of his story, it was easy to see that I wasn’t the only one that thought like this. Fans showed up and showed out to support James during love week. People were sharing his story across social media platforms, and media sites were writing articles about it. Within a day later, his project was fully already funded. I think those that read about his goals must have really connected with the struggles that he was facing to the point that it didn’t matter whether or not they were fans. Everyone just wanted to help a fellow human being find his happiness again. Faith in humanity restored.

It’s not too late to help James Lee with his EP. Even though the project is fully funded, there’s bound to more added expenses. In addition, James is creating stretch goals as well as more rewards for people continuing to donate to this worthy cause.

Please make sure you follow James Lee on all his social media to stay up to date on his upcoming projects.

Instagram: @jamesjhl

Soundcloud: @jamesjhl


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