Anyone who is into K-pop and/or K-dramas has heard something about Goblin, arguably one of, if not, the best drama of 2016-2017. The thing I loved most about the drama is the fact that even though it was hilarious at times and really heartwarming, there was a melancholic air around it. This vibe didn’t seem to be just from how the actual storyline was going but also from the way that it was shot. Even though it was in full color, a lot of times things seem to be a bit muted with a mysterious air of misfortune, though I would never have imagined that the drama was going to end the way it did.

Fast forward a year later to a drama with a similar vibe and air about it, Just Between Lovers. It is even airing around the same time as Goblin did. Just Between Lovers hit me like a sledgehammer and had me hooked from the very first episode. The captivating thing about this drama, much like Goblin, is the sorrowful story that makes your heart ache. Yet, it also gives a sense of hope for the two leads to not only find love but also a sense of inner peace and peace of mind within each other.

Both of these dramas remind me of what I used to look for in the romance books I wanted to read in high school. I am such a hopeless romantic and I am always hoping for a beautiful relationship. I eventually discovered my favorite romance genre called “Romantic Fiction Themes- Unforeseen and Unlikely Loves.” I began to only gravitate to this kind of romance books because they detailed stories that weren’t automatic romances or get-togethers; instead, they told stories of romances that seemed almost sure not to work out due to some kind struggle. That was the thing that made them seem more realistic and thus I became easily invested.

The lead actors in Just Between Lovers, Lee Jun Ho and Won Jin Ah, completely steal your heart with their emotional and captivating performances of two broken people who have to fight for each other and the solace they find in each other’s love. If you like the type of story that offers a realistic view of the rollercoaster of emotions that comes with love as well as a well thought out and unpredictable plot line, then I strongly encourage you to give this drama a try. Just Between Lovers is without a doubt one of my top two dramas, only second to Goblin (although sometimes I’m unsure of the order).

I’m so sure that you’ll love it that if you don’t, you can come back and rant at me in the comments.



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