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KpopMe released the prices and dates for Zion.T’s upcoming North American tour. Tickets go on sale on February 14th and, let this be a warning now, they are a bit pricey. However, considering the fact that Zion.T is essentially the stuff legends are made of, I wouldn’t consider them completely unreasonable. I’ve seen him at KCON before and was very satisfied with it. I hope to see more of his quirky personality in his first solo concert here in the states. So to give honor to one of my favorite Korean musicians, I decided to put together this list of songs to help us all prepare for the upcoming concert (as well as convince you that these prices are so worth it).


Although Zion.T had a recent release with his song Snow, with Lee Moon Se, I’m going to reach back a bit to create this list. These are the perfect songs to get your heart ready to see him live and in concert. So take a look and see if you agree with what’s here.

  1. Yanghwa Bridge (Live Version)

Zion.T and a piano. There is nothing more beautiful than this song. Zion.T wrote this song as a letter to his family while he was going through some music related stress. I love all of Zion.T’s songs but there is something about this version of this song that causes me to cry every time I hear it. Listen to the emotion he pours out in it and see if you can feel it as well.

2. Zion.T feat. Gaeko – Babay

Zion.T and Gaeko make a great pair. This song is upbeat, fun and just makes you feel happy. This is a great example how Zion.T can create hits that are bops as well as ballads. Ballads can sometimes get a bad rep for being too sad, but he completely challenged that idea with this song and turned it on its head while we all turn up to it.

3. Primary feat. Zion.T & Gaeko – See Through You

This song solidified Zion.T’s place in my heart. I had a been a fan of his since 2011 but it wasn’t until I heard him on Primary’s See Through You did I realize how talented and special he is. You can’t listen to this song without dancing. This song has some very strong Jamiroquai vibes, and since I am a fan of his too, it made me doubly happy.

4. Zion.T feat. Crush – Just

If Zion.T and Gaeko are a great pair, Zion.T and Crush are legendary. Whenever they release a song together, it’s gold. You can’t fight me on that. Just is…well it’s just wonderful. A laid back groove that makes you think of lost loves. These guys are the golden boys of K-R&B.

5. Zion.T – Doop

“I’ll be your biatch tonight.” Well said, Zion.T, well said. I can only hope that he will perform a gem like Doop, during the concert. This song is from his album Red Light, which was released in 2013. The original does feature Verbal Jint but even without him, it’s a great song.

I could go on forever listing songs of Zion.T you should listen to and why but for now, I think these are a good start.

What song do you hope Zion.T will sing at his concert? Let us know in the comment section below!


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