Source: Love Story MV on 1theK official YouTube

Suran is one of my favorite female K-R&B artists because her voice is one that is just so unique, and her music tends to have a bluesy kind of groove that fits her voice perfectly. Then we have Crush, who gives me chills and memories of what R&B used to be in the ’90s and early ’00s every time I listen to some of his music.

So I just happened to be on YouTube listening to my usual rounds of R&B artists like Dean, Crush, Heize, and Suran, among others, when I saw a song/video from Suran that I hadn’t seen yet. I stumbled upon this wistful and airy single by Suran featuring Crush on a slightly cloudy yet still bright and mellow Friday morning. Just so happens that the image that is created from that description perfectly describes the vibe of the song and the video.

Source: Love Story MV on 1theK official YouTube

The video is super adorable and cringy, just like you would imagine a budding love interest turned relationship would be. Suran and Crush are shown trying to provide some little moves while they’re singing, but it just looks super awkward and is completely endearing. It only serves to add to the love story of two strangers who meet accidentally in a record shop and can’t help but be curious about each other. The video makes sure to show all the embarrassing emotions people feel when they like someone such as sitting on the bed or sofa thinking about that person while feeling those cringey chills mixed with giggles of excitement.

If you’re down to see a blooming relationship in a cute video and hear an upbeat yet wistful song about a “Love Story” from the beginning until the end, then check it out below:

Have you heard Suran’s new song Love Story featuring Crush, yet? If so, what did you think of it? If not, check it out today and tell us what you thought in the comments below.


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