Source: DPR Live official Instagram

Introducing the 2018 Korean Hip Hop Awards New Artist of the Year: DPR Live!

Source: DPR Live official Instagram

Hong Da-bin, aka DPR Live, is a 25-year-old underground hip hop artist that has been making waves all throughout 2017. He is a part of the artistic group DreamPerfectRegime, along with Christian Yu, which consists of underground hip-hop/rap artists, videographers, producers, etc. To date, he’s worked with other well known K-hip hop/K-R&B artists such as Dean, Loco, Jay Park, and Crush, while most recently featuring on a poppy ballad with actress and former Miss A member, Suzy Bae.

I fell in love with this guy after listening to a collaboration project he did with Dean, my ultimate favorite solo artist, called “Know Me.” The song, and I would dare say all of DPR Live’s discography, has a sound and vibe that is described as alternative hip-hop (think of Bryson Tiller’s Trapsoul) that has smooth and wavy R&B reminiscent beats that rappers spit bars on, which are equally wavy. This genre is considered alternative because it doesn’t have the hard, unforgiving, keyed up and catchy beats that characterize traditional hip-hop, but characterized more so by the combining, blending, and borrowing from different genres to create whatever it is that is essentially the essence of that artist.

The songs of this genre that I tend to gravitate towards are more mellow, mixing soul, r&b, sometimes a little dubstep/EDM and a whole lot of wavy vibes, though still requiring lyricists to do what they do best; I feel like that’s exactly where DPR Live’s music lives. If you want to hear more of his stuff, I invite you to go check out his youtube that I’ll link here.

Have you heard of DPR Live? If so, what’s your favorite song by him? Let’s discuss in the comments below.


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