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It seems like former EXO members just keep coming at us with content these days, and who can complain about that? Recently, Z.Tao, (formerly known as just Tao in EXO) dropped a new single and music video, ‘Beggar’. In addition to the new single, the proud C-pop star now also has his own Spotify account where you can listen to his music. Z.Tao has also been busy filming for a new drama, ‘Negotiator’ that starts airing February 4th.

The video for ‘Beggar’ isn’t what I was expecting based on how it all starts. What seems like a cute love story ends up taking some very crazy turns as the video goes on. The story becomes a little less romance and a lot more action and suspenseful by the end. As for the song, I can’t deny that it’s really catchy. I always loved Tao’s voice and hearing solo songs from him is never a disappointment. He always looks fantastic, and the filming locations for this video are beautiful as well.

After seeing the post that Z.Tao made on his Weibo recently, discussing feelings of frustration and anxiety, fans have been going the extra mile to send love and support to the singer to help encourage him to do his best and not give up. Z.Tao was always known for being sensitive while he was in EXO, so hopefully having a successful single and a lot of support for ‘Negotiator’ will help pick up his spirits.  Do you want to send some love to Z.Tao to help put a smile on his face? Head to his Instagram to leave some kind words.

Make sure you check out the music video for ‘Beggar’ and add the song to your Spotify playlist! And be sure to catch ‘Negotiator’ as it airs. Let us know what you think of the song and the drama in the comments!


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