It’s hard to believe we are in the second month of 2018 already. Time is flying by and everyone is excited about the comebacks of their favorite idols (I’m still screaming about Seventeen). With all the comebacks though I know we are missing some gems being dropped by rookie groups and solo artists that we may not be familiar with so I decided to create this list of k-pop debuts you might have missed. Granted this isn’t all the debuts that have happened so far but are the ones that I enjoyed the most.

1. fromis_9 – Glass Shoes

Let’s get this one out of the way. I don’t do aegyo. Those who know me, know that while people are doing the Likey Likey dance, I’m in the corner listening to the latest music from the Club Eskimo collective. Having said that, I keep finding myself humming along with the ladies of fromis_9 and tapping my feet to Glass Shoes. I don’t know why but I’ve decided not to fight it.

2. Day Mood – Venus

This has to be my favorite song on this list. I don’t know anything about them and judging from the views of this song, not many people do either but that doesn’t matter. Listen to the soulfulness of the vocals. The smoothness of the chords and purple smokey aesthetics of the m/v create a beautiful masterpiece. I sincerely hope we hear more from these gentlemen soon.

3. Sunday Moon – Million Miles

This is one of the smoothest songs I’ve ever heard. It definitely makes me think of Sunday afternoons riding around with my windows down, enjoying the nice breeze. Jae from Day6 recently mentioned this song, which has caused Sunday Moon to become more popular but hopefully, people will listen and realize how talented this group is.

4. HunnyHanna – Cinderella

Strictly speaking, this isn’t HunnyHunna’s debut. He’s been active on Soundcloud for a while and has released songs underground with R&B crooner Ocean, but he has recently signed with CJE&M so I’m calling this an official debut. As you can hear, you are definitely in for a treat. I look forward to hearing more songs from this young man. Hopefully, he’ll put his songs on iTunes soon.

5. Siren In Peace – My Breath

I had to add this ballad on the list simply because it’s beautiful.  It took me a few listens to get into the song because it stirred up emotions I wasn’t prepared to deal with, but once I was passed that, I was able to fully appreciate it.  The singer’s voices blend beautifully with the piano and honestly, I wouldn’t mind seeing them in concert.

So that’s it with my five debuts you might have missed. I hope you were able to learn about artists who haven’t fully hit the spotlight but really deserve it.

Which debut song have you heard that you’ve enjoyed the most? Did I miss one that should be on the list? Let me know about it in the comment section below!


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