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Let me start by saying that I know Jonghyun’s album, Poet | Artist was released a while ago. Most of you have probably listened to it already, or at least some of it, since the release of the album on January 23, 2018. However, if you’re like me, maybe it took you a little bit longer to get through the album. I struggled after listening to the first half of Poet | Artist and had to take a break for oh… a week and a half before I was ready to try again. That being said, Jonghyun has once again delivered something wonderful to the world with the release of this album, and now that I’ve listened to it fully, I have found a little bit of peace to fill the empty space in my heart that opened up at his loss.

When the music video for ‘Shinin” was released, I was almost nervous to watch it. But, after I hit the play button I found myself with a smile on my face that grew more and more as the song and video continued. This song and video have such a strong feeling of Jonghyun, a classic sense of who he was as an artist and a musician, and I was pleasantly surprised at the happiness that I felt. As a single, I think it was a perfect choice and I enjoyed the video from start to finish. ‘Shinin” also got its first win on Music Bank this week and trended number one on Twitter worldwide.

Other songs that I really enjoyed (without naming the entire album) were ‘#Hashtag’ with its mellow vibe and the lyrics about comments people make and people spreading gossip and the song ‘Only One You Need’ is another favorite. I really enjoy the beat in the background and the way the verses build into the chorus.

After the release of the album, Poet | Artist hit number one on the Billboard World Albums chart, showing all of the love and dedication fans have given to Jonghyun since his passing. Proceeds from the album will be going to Jonghyun’s mother, as well as going towards the foundation for an establishment that will help others going through difficult situations.

SM Entertainment also released a video for the song ‘Before Our Spring’ which is done in more of a tribute style. This video was more difficult for me to watch because the entire video focuses on moments of Jonghyun in his life, as well as performing on stage, surrounded by fans who loved him. Despite the difficulty of listening to Poet | Artist, I think the album was fantastic overall, as expected, and I also feel like it was a way to bring some closure to fans who have been feeling the loss of such a treasured person. Jonghyun will forever live on in our hearts and through his music.

If you or someone you know needs help, please reach out and don’t hesitate to call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

Have you listened to Poet | Artist yet? What tracks did you enjoy the most on the album? Let us know which songs had you jamming sadly in the comments below!


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