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EXTRA! EXTRA! Queen BoA has come back to snatch our interest with a funky song with an even funkier video! Her new song ‘내가 돌아 (NEGA DOLA)’ is about a “love” interest driving her crazy; super relatable right? The song has a funky 70s/80s vibe which is well reflected in the video that was made to look like it was crafted back in the day. The video has several shots that have a lot of “noise,” bright pink, orange and blue aesthetics, and dance/streetwear reminiscent of the past.

Source: BoA official website

Before I even knew what a k-pop or a k-drama was, I knew of BoA because she sang the ending theme song, Every Heart, of my favorite anime as a child, Inuyasha. Needless to say, I have a long-standing attachment to her, so whenever she releases new music, its a super exciting event. This song has a such an upbeat and fun vibe, it instantly makes one want to sway or do a little two-step to the beat, and you can’t forget to add a little shoulder action!

The video has the aesthetics of what one would imagine a “trip” would be like. Not that we’re encouraging you to try it out, but you can go on one via this video. The bright colors, the weird shots varying from super up close and upside down and then right side up with the room upside down, give it that “crazy” vibe. The fun and high energy dance that has everyone displaying a huge smile on their face help to pull together the beautiful video for the fun song of someone being fed up and drawn to the edge of sanity thanks to an annoying lover.

Check out the Queen doing her thing below!

What do you think of this colorful, retro style video? Does ‘Nega Dola’ make you want to get up and dance just as much as we do? Let us know your thoughts on BoA’s new song in the comments below!


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