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Monsta X, who just finished up one of their biggest years yet with their first win for Dramarama and the completion of their first world tour, have just released a brand new music video! These beautifully talented boys are striking while the iron’s hot, planning to drop some music and play their hand in the Japanese music market with their third single Spotlight.’

When the word got out that a music video dropped for the new song, no one was sure what to expect, or what concept we would get next. I dare say that this may be the darkest music video concept we’ve seen from the group yet; ironic considering the title of the track is ‘Spotlight’.

Source: Monsta X Universal Music Japan official Youtube

I don’t know about you, but a dark concept gets me all excited, and so when the first frame opens up to a monochromatic shot of the seven in an empty warehouse, I knew I was about to be blown away. It isn’t just the location or the black clothes that gives this video a certain sense of darkness, but the cinematography of the shots as well. Layer all of that on top of a mellowed out bass-heavy hook and chorus that is a pleasant switch from the hard-hitting dance beat that Monsta X does so well, and you have an air of mystery and darkness that draws you in.

The boys are delivering a consistent sound, precise and complicated choreography that makes your jaw drop ever so slightly, and dark looks with a little bit of danger in their eyes in this simple yet enticing dance video for ‘Spotlight.’ I suggest you go ahead and get into the mischief and darkness below, that’s where all the fun is anyway.

What do you think of this dark concept in the ‘Spotlight’ video? Are you excited to see more like this from Monsta X this year? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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