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So it’s the end of 2017 and K-Pop is buzzing! BTS, Monsta X, EXO, Twice and Got7 are just a few of the groups being talked about right now by big international music journalism companies like Billboard, the Grammys and Fuse and even major news sites like CNN! If you’re a K-Pop fan then you know all about the Hallyu Wave and how it has put South Korea on the map, but what if I told you that your love and investment in K-Pop was also political?

First, answer a couple of questions: how much did you know about South Korea before getting into K-Pop or the Hallyu Wave? Since getting dragged into the rabbit hole, has your knowledge and opinion of the country grown or changed? Have you given your money to your favorite groups for merch or albums? Do you want to, or have you visited the country?


Just by answering yes to these questions you have done a political act, and it’s a good one! In the world of politics and international relations, there is a thing called cultural diplomacy. Through this phenomenon, countries can develop beneficial relationships with other nations because their citizens are interested in or have a positive view of that nation. So if you want your faves to continue to come to your homeland, if you want to have access to all their merch and albums easily then keep on doing your thing!

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Cultural diplomacy between nations can open many doors for us as individuals such as study abroad and exchange programs, teach abroad programs, volunteer programs and so much more. You listening to your favorite group or watching that K-Drama or researching that celebrity is letting your nation know that you’re interested, so keep it going!

Are you surprised to know that your interest in K-pop goes to a deeper level? Have you ever thought about visiting Korea or have you gone there already? Tell us about the way you contribute to cultural diplomacy through Hallyu content in the comments below!



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