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Last week, young performer, Na Haeun, made her debut with an original song and music video for her single, ‘So Special’. For those who aren’t familiar with the talented girl, Na Haeun is a nine-year-old dancer and has a popular Youtube channel filled with dance covers, vlogs, and interviews spanning over the last three years. If you watched this year’s Melon Music Awards you might remember the little girl that performed the choreographies for all of the artists that were nominated for Best Dance. That was Na Haeun.

There is no doubt that this girl is both adorable and talented. She has been dancing for a long time. However, when her single dropped, fans seemed to be split down the middle about how to view her debut. Na Haeun received a lot of support and praise, but some fans are concerned that nine years old might just be too young for an idol-like career to start. With what we know about schedules, training, and the work that goes into the idol lifestyle, I was a little skeptical myself.

Na Haeun’s team seem to have made an announcement to help clear up some of the concern from fans, assuring those who were worried that the young girl is only pursuing dancing and singing as a hobby and is not being held to a trainee or idol schedule. Personally, I still think nine is young to be put in the spotlight, but the ‘child star’ debate has been going on for decades and likely won’t stop anytime soon. That being said, I do think the song and video are adorable and was surprised to see a feature from Microdot on the track. Na Haeun has great style and her hard work clearly shows in her clean dance moves and bright personality shown in the video.

I was also surprised to hear that all profits from the single album will be going to World Vision as a donation in Na Haeun’s name. I think her parents and label, Kids Planet, must be on the right track if they are donating to charity and teaching Na Haeun and others to give and help those in need. I will definitely look forward to more from Na Haeun in the future, so long as the bright young girl goes at her own pace and shows the world her talents without missing out on being a kid.

What do you think of Na Haeun’s first original single? Do you think she’s too young to be in the spotlight or are you throwing in your full support? Let us know your opinion in the comments! 


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