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A few days ago I shared with you a story about the rookie group, MONT, was attempting to create their mini-album with the use of a crowdfunding site called Makestar. The process for using Makestar is pretty straightforward and very similar to other personal fundraising platforms. The person who creates the project page can set up levels that you can contribute to. Each level has a reward. For example, if you donate $20 to a project, you could receive a “thank you” note or be named an honorary producer on the project. Each project is set for a certain number of days and most artists seem to do very well with raising the money they need.

I decided to go back for a better look around and was surprised to see how many artists are making use of it to fund their dreams. Surprisingly, I found that idol group, B.A.P., had previously created a project for their limited album. Not only did they reach their goal of $32,000, they surpassed it by 467%. The group used their extra funding to create additional rewards for their supporters. As you may already know, B.A.P. is no rookie group. They’ve tasted success in the past. Were it not for the issues they experienced with their management group, they could have very well been at the top of K-pop still today.

credit: Makestar

Still, I’m curious as to why some of the more known companies are turning to Makestar in order to complete idols projects. It’s understandable and commendable that the rookie groups and solo artists with very little exposure would try their luck with it. It’s clear that the companies they belong to may have limited investment capital or, of course, they may be independent artists. However, I’d expect larger companies to be able to secure funding their idol’s projects.

I guess it’s just another testament to how competitive and expensive it is for idols to pursue their dreams. Especially in a market as aggressive and frigid as K-pop, it makes sense that an alternative road to success might be necessary. One pro for rookies, and even established artists, that use Makestar, or another fundraising platform, is that if they aren’t able to gain success, there will be less of a financial burden to repay to a label. I’m all for supporting their dreams. This is a brave and courageous step for them. I hope others will visit Makestar and to support new artists too.

What Makestar project would you help fund? Do you think this crowdfunding service is a good idea for idols to use? Let us know in the comment section below. 



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