Source: Red Velvet Official Twitter

One of my favorite girl groups, Red Velvet, is back with a repackage of their second album. ‘The Perfect Red Velvet’ has just been released, and along with it the girls have dropped a new music video for the track ‘Bad Boy’.

Source: Red Velvet Official Twitter

The music video delivers a slightly sexy concept along with some great outfits and styling that I’m really loving. There’s no denying that Red Velvet always delivers with their visuals but I have to say that this concept I am particularly enjoying the slightly punk style vibes of both the outfits and the hairstyles. I was one of those (Read: still am one of those) ‘alternative style’ teenagers back in my days, so this concept really catches my eye. I am slightly confused about the giant inflatable unicorn in the video, but I’ll skip the questions for now and just enjoy the video.

The song itself is slower paced, with a more mellow sound compared to previous release ‘Peek-A-Boo’. It has a nice melody, and the beat reminds me of a lot of the early 2000’s RnB that I heard growing up. The vocals are great, as always with Red Velvet, and the song is definitely catchy. I’m sure I’ll be finding myself humming this over the next couple of weeks without even realizing it. The lyrics of ‘Bad Boy’  have a touch of arrogance to them that made me smirk. In the song, the girls sing about a boy who seems to be above it all but will fall for them eventually whether he likes it or not. Then ending words of the song state ‘It’s too easy for me, another bad boy down.’ Sassy, confident, and just a little on the sexy side is something Red Velvet does well, and of course ‘Bad Boy’ is no exception.

Are you a ReVeluv? What do you think of this mature concept and the music video for ‘Bad Boy’? Do you have a favorite part of the MV and song? Let us know in the comment section! 


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