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The Kim Hyun Joong scandal is close to an end. He has been embroiled in a legal battle with his ex-girlfriend since August 2014 when she filed assault charges against him. It’s been three years and someone’s finally going to jail. Hint: It’s not KHJ. Recent reports indicate that his ex-girlfriend, Miss Choi, has been found guilty and will be sentenced to prison for fraud and defamation. The prosecution is recommending one year and four months as punishment.

Kim Hyun Joong, Choi Hye Mi
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Recap: The Baby Mama Scandal

This is the most American scandal for an idol to have. Choi must have taken lessons from Baby Mama Drama 101 because although she claimed that all she really wanted was for KHJ to apologize, it was later revealed that she had previously received hush money from KHJ. KHJ was fined but never criminally charged. Choi also claimed that KHJ had forced her to have multiple abortions and that she miscarried due to his alleged abuse. What’s even crazier is that KHJ stayed with her and she ended up getting pregnant for real this time. Eventually, they broke up again and Choi sued KHJ for distress and support of the pregnancy. After their son was born, the DNA drama began and KHJ countersued for full custody as well as defamation. Although Choi won the initial suit, Key East appealed the verdict to have the case heard again.

The Court Findings

In August 2016, the courts deemed that no conclusive evidence was provided to substantiate Choi’s claims of four (yes, 4) previous pregnancies, any abortions or miscarriages, or of ongoing abuse. It was also determined that while there was no direct evidence linking her to blackmail, her own actions were sufficient proof of a criminal act since she did a television interview showing fraudulent evidence right before KHJ’s enlistment. Instead of being awarded the 1.6 billion won she had hoped for, Choi found herself having to pay KHJ instead. Later, around January 2017, the Korean Prosecutor’s Office stepped in and indicted Choi on charges of fraud and defamation after finding proof that she had deleted and modified texts messages and manipulated photos of pregnancy tests in an attempt to defraud KHJ. This is why she now faces more than a year behind bars. Choi will learn her final fate on February 8th.

Kim Hyun Joong Haze
Source: Key East, Kim Hyun Joong Official Website

Not Such A Lucky Guy

This baby mama scandal struck the K-pop fandom like lightning. Article after article berated the 4D singer for being a “woman beater,” branding his remaining loyal fans as “delusional” fans who excused domestic abuse. Choi’s lies nearly destroyed him as netizens latched on to her shaky evidence. At the height of his career, KHJ’s luck ran out and kept on running as he found himself in yet another scandal for driving drunk. It’s been hard for this guy to catch a break. Even though he’s been vindicated and Choi is facing time for ruining his life, things are hardly better for KHJ. He recently had a comeback and is currently on tour, but the hype is nothing like his original fame. Aside from the fact that he is a father now (which is absolute taboo for an idol), some fans may have lingering doubts surrounding his innocence. It’s going to be a tough road back for KHJ. He may never regain his former glory.


Violence of any other nature should always be prosecuted. Conversely, so should false allegations. Hopefully, KHJ is able to repair his life and career and Choi learns her lesson… after she is released from jail.





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