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Any fan that has been around for at least five years knows that first and second generation idols dropped some absolute headbangers. Who would have guessed that those bops are already considered “old” songs? I guess with new groups like BTS, Seventeen and Monsta X constantly hitting us up with new jams, it’s easy to forget some of our previous faves. Even still, whenever my friends and I hit up the norebang (karaoke), most of us always choose old jams to sing to. Here are five songs that always get added to the playlist (among others).


2NE1 Crush Album CD Cover
Source: YG Entertainment

Come Back Home by 2NE1

2NE1 are still the queens of our hearts and forever will be. They blessed us with hit after empowering hit. Come Back Home is one of our faves not only because we can absolutely smash the vocals but because the track is so freaking fun. Disclaimer: I can’t sing a lick, and I don’t care, but my friends can so when I say “we” I mean them :D.

FT Island
Source: FNC Entertainment

Severely by FT Island

If you don’t know who FT Island is, I feel bad for you son. Leader, Hong Ki, is not only one hell of a singer, he is funny too. Although Severely is a rock song, it’s emotional and passionate. We can’t let the night go by without pouring our hearts through this song, and if the norebang plays the music video accompaniment, things get extra emotional.

Ailee, Heaven era
Source: YMC Entertainment

Heaven by Ailee

We all love Ailee’s beautiful voice and Heaven only highlights how lovely it is. This songbird is almost untouchable, but we still try. The upbeat tempo mixed with heartfelt lyrics make Heaven a perfect song to sing when you’re feeling yourself (or your drinks).

Big Bang, Still Alive era Source: YG Entertainment

Bad Boy by Big Bang

This is our SONG! Big Bang will always be on the playlist. No doubt about it. Bad Boy usually gets the party started as we descend into wild abandonment in the form of half singing, half screaming amateurs on our own private stage. Everyone present usually joins in regardless of who selected the song because it’s just that fun.

SNSD, Gee era
Source: SM Entertainment

Gee Gee by Girls Generation

Don’t even play like you don’t still love this song too. This song is so popular that even newbies find out about it right away. This song is an absolute bop and the choreography is a requirement. It’s a K-pop crime not to dance along to Gee Gee. This song keeps the party going right on past that one hour you thought you’d only stay for.

So these are only a few of our faves, but there are sooooo many others. Of course, there are some new songs that we love as well, but for now, let’s all reminisce about these just a bit longer.

What are some of your favorite K-pop songs to sing at the norebang? Do any of ours make your list? Share some of your favorites with us in the comments below.


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