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K-pop fans, make sure to take care of your health. This winter, viruses have been circling around the world infecting everyone including your favorite K-pop idols. NU’EST members JR and Aron have had to both cancel some of their schedules, including a fan signing event at Labiotte, due to different types of illnesses.

Aron of Nu’Est
Photo Source: Nu’Est Official Website

Aron had to scale back his schedule due to a viral infection in his eye. This viral infection was later reported as the pink eye, which can be contagious during the first few days. He was in attendance during the initial fan signing event but was not there to give out his autograph later. Aron was diagnosed a few days ago so hopefully, he has made a full recovery.

JR of Nu’Est
Photo Source: Nu’Est Official Website

JR more recently was diagnosed with the flu and has had to cancel all schedules until he’s feeling better. If you’ve ever had the flu before, you know you barely want to get out of bed let alone work through several busy events. The flu can be contagious so he also was not in attendance at the fan signing event. I hope that JR will be able to recover quickly with no complications.

Make sure you give NU’EST all your support while two members are making a speedy recovery.

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