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While I am not an Inspirit (Infinite’s fandom name), I do like Infinite. Since their sound tends to lean closer to pop, I have only found a few random songs that I like. So I had no high hopes for their newest release, Tell Me. I only decided to check it out to see how Hoya’s void would be filled. I’m glad I did watch because I would have missed out on hearing a good song. The video is also beautifully shot and the members’ voices are all very nice, especially Sunggyu and Dongwoo. So it’s definitely worth a listen. I don’t think Inspirits will be disappointed with it at all.

L of Infinite
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Let’s talk about the video first. To begin with, we’re served with a heaping helping of L in a turtleneck looking like the main dish of a five-course meal. The camera absolutely adores this guy. His eyes have always looked sneaky to me but I can’t deny the man is beautiful. I’m really digging this new grown-up feel they’ve introduced because (let’s be honest) it’s about time.  Aside from the “dad jeans” they stuck Sungjong in, and those terrible sweater vests that should never ever be popularized again, the overall look was quite manly. Sunggyu and L seemed the most impactful as their looks really signified the transition from boys to men. The video perfectly captured the meaning of Tell Me as the members wonder aimlessly through a hallway of doors leading to unexpected destinations. As they searched in confusion for the girl they love, we begin to feel the heartache misunderstandings can cause in a relationship. There is choreography for the song, but it isn’t a main highlight of the video.

Woohyun in said “sweater vest”
Photo Source: Woollim Entertainment

Now on to the actual song. Notice I said it’s a “good song,” not a great song. Tell Me starts off with a light, sweet melody that’s almost dream-like, and then it picks it up a notch almost immediately after. I mentioned before that their voices are nice, but the song just didn’t have an “umph” factor to me. That is until Dongwoo’s part. He adds a bit of aggression to the somewhat easy vibe. I immediately perked up when his part began. Even though I wasn’t overly impressed on first listen, I admit that after I listened a couple more times, I couldn’t get the hook out of my head. Tell Me is one of those songs that will grow on you the more you hear it. You may find yourself humming it out of nowhere. So again, it’s a good song. I also liked it better after watching their comeback stage. Somehow, the full choreo made it better for me.

Source: Woollim Entertainment

I mentioned Hoya earlier. The remaining members of Infinite will undoubtedly feel his absence in their hearts, but these guys are amazing and talented. They have adjusted well to the changes in their team. Hoya is irreplaceable. Thankfully, it doesn’t seem like they tried to replace him. Instead, it’s more like they adapted and reformed without forgetting who they are as a team. I liked Infinite as seven and I still like them as six. I hope they see lots of success with Tell Me and the Top Seed era. They deserve it because they are the cream of the crop.

Have you watched Infinite’s new music video yet? What did you think? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below. 


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