Let me start off this article by saying what is probably an unpopular opinion. I’m not a huge fan of aegyo-style music. You know what I mean. Those extra cutesy, saccharine sweet songs that make a lot of people feel happy. Yeah, that’s not my thing. In an effort to find new girl groups to listen to that don’t do aegyo, I came across the rookie group Girlkind and I am so glad I did.

Girlkind is a five-member group under the Next Level Entertainment label. The members are XeHeun, Ellyn, JK, Sun J, and Medic Jin. Yes I know Medic Jin’s name is a bit…different. I’m not sure where their label came up with that name.

The group debuted with the song Fanci and the beat is what really sucked me in. It was upbeat, catchy and honestly, I wanted to start boxing just like the ladies in the video. The group reminded me of the old girl group, GI, with the more rough-edged concept and I really enjoy it. I’m really looking forward to seeing what Girlkind delivers. Hopefully, they won’t get overshadowed by other groups this year.

I don’t have a favorite member yet but I am curious about Medic Jin. Obviously, her name made me take notice of her but I also enjoyed her parts in their video. I hope Girlkind will keep the concept they have now and continue to release edgier songs.

Make sure you support Girlkind by following them on their social media.

Facebook: @GirlkindProject

Instagram: @Girlkind_Nextlevel

Youtube: @Girlkind

Are you enjoying Girlkind’s debut? Which member is your favorite? Let me know in the comment section below!


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