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Korean producer duo, GroovyRoom, has been announced as mentors for season two of High School Rapper. My R&B/Hip-Hop heart is so happy. GroovyRoom is one of my favorite producers so if I wasn’t going to watch this reality show before, I’m definitely going to do so now.

Groovy Room, Jay Park, with other members of H1GHR Music
Photo Source: Gyujeong of GroovyRoom Official Instagram

But wait… You don’t know who GroovyRoom is? Surely you’ve heard “Groovy Everywhere” at the beginning of some of your favorite songs, right? The duo, whose names are Park Gyujeong and Lee Hwimin, are signed to H1GR Music. They have been producing since 2010 and even released their own album, Everywhere, July of 2017. GroovyRoom has also worked with some big-name artists like Jay Park, Ailee, and Heize to name a few. Their name is becoming synonymous with R&B/Hip-Hop and success.

Season two of High School Rapper, created by MNet,  will be airing sometime this February. The first season aired February 2017 with Young B taking the title while Osshun Gum was the runner-up. High School Rapper is a music survival show  The mentors from that season were YDG, Swings, Deepflow, Mad Clown, Jessi, Seo Chul-gu and Giriboy. The rest of season two’s mentors haven’t been announced yet, so be sure to check back with us for updates.

Be sure to follow GroovyRoom on social media to stay up to date with them.

Instagram: @goovypark / @hwimmm

Facebook: Groovy Room

What is your favorite Groovy Room song? Who else would you like to see as a mentor for High School Rapper? Leave your answers in the comment section below!


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