Source: Block B Official Twitter @blockb_official

On January 8th, 2018 Kpop boy group Block B released their first music video of the year. The video for the single ‘Don’t Leave’ came out as the title track for their repackaged album Re:MONTAGE. The seven-member group is usually praised for having great hype tracks and bringing a lot of fun to the table, but this time around they are showing us a softer side. ‘Don’t Leave’ is a slow song that pulls at the heartstrings with sweet harmonies and a longing feeling to the sound.

The video depicts the loneliness that comes along with parting ways after a relationship, and the sometimes haunting feelings that are left behind in places that hold memories. Black and white scenes throughout the video add to the overall feeling of sadness in the song, capturing the struggle between moving on versus holding memories close when love is lost. Overall, the video really captures that difficult feeling of trying to let go, and as usual with Block B, the song itself sounds great despite being sad.

Source: Block B Official Twitter @blockb_official

My favorite new track on the repackage is Everythin, a solo song by U-Kwon. It has a slightly electronic vibe and a mellow groove that made me bop along with a little smile on my face. JaeHyo and B-Bomb also have solos on the album that are definitely worth a listen. Be sure to check out Re:MONTAGE from start to finish for the entire album experience!

Block B Club, what do you think of the new video? Which song on the repackage is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below! 


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