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Fans of SM Entertainment’s girl group f(x) it has been a minute since we have had anything to celebrate. Well, wait no longer because f(x) members Luna and Amber have just released a new music video for the track ‘Lower’. The song is catchy, with a steady bass pulse that makes your body want to move. Both girls deliver smooth and mellow vocals on the song, giving ‘Lower’ an easy, chill kind of vibe.

The video is somewhat simple, featuring Amber and Luna alternating between walking in the city and dancing against a white backdrop in killer outfits. The ladies slay both choreography and the fashion game as their vocals deliver a soft harmony backed by a classically ‘pop’ style synth. ‘Lower’ is a song about finding a place of belonging within the presence of a lover, the lyrics speak about searching for ‘that somewhere, the place surely waiting for me’ and seek the subject of the song to ‘let me in’.

The steady, almost mellow vibe of the song is the kind of track that I love to have in the background for long car rides or late nights reading or studying, but it’s also just hype and sexy enough to throw into a party mix because of the rhythmic beat. You can bet that ‘Lower’ will be going into my current playlist for steady rotation. It’s so good to see (at least some) of the f(x) girls back at it. Here’s to their hard work and hopefully, we can look forward to more in the near future!

What did you think of the song and music video? Are you glad to hear from f(x) again? Let’s talk about how much we missed them in the comments below!


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