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It’s no secret that the BTS fanbase known as ARMY know how to wreck the internet. Time after time fans around the globe have shown just how dedicated they can be by participating in mass voting, streaming, and trending hashtags on social media. However, a new notch on the belt of being ‘extra’ was achieved when ARMY recently lost their collective minds over, surprisingly, a fan fiction being written on Twitter. The fic in question, titled Outcast, is a horror video game alternate universe (already unusual in the fanfic world) with a crazy twist. People in the story that have played the game are going missing.

Not only is it a surprise that a fan fiction gained massive attention on social media, considering the somewhat ‘guilty pleasure’ nature of fic reading in general, but the story actually managed to trend number one worldwide on Twitter with the hashtag #btsoutcast. Reception by ARMY has been so widespread that fans have even been working on translating the story into other languages including Korean and Spanish. The story is being released as a narrative in text message format, which adds another layer of surprise to its popularity considering the majority of fanfictions are written in a more traditional paragraph by paragraph style.

The buzz on social media has even moved beyond Twitter to other platforms including Tumblr, Facebook, and Youtube. ARMYs everywhere are doing what they do best, spreading the word, amping up the hype, and of course, making theories as to who might be behind the mystery. Fans in Korea have responded favorably as well, praising International ARMY for being creative and joining together to do something fun. As usual, it just goes to show that when ARMY set their mind to something, they come together in force as their namesake would suggest. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the hashtag trend again with each series of updates.

You can find the author’s Twitter page where the story is being released here – @flirtaus and follow #BTSOutcast for amazing fan art to the story.

Warning: The story contains profanity and suspenseful situations. I do not recommend it for fans under 15 years old.



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