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Once again, EXO brings us a special winter album with the December 26th release of ‘Universe’. Fans of the group have long ago learned to anticipate the mellow, smooth harmonies that the nine-member (currently operating with one man down, we miss you, Lay!) group has always brought with their winter albums in the past. This year’s release is just as sweet and calming as expected, proving that EXO knows how to deliver.

The title track of the album, ‘Universe’ is a bittersweet song about trying to reconnect a lost love. The vocals start out almost gently, creating a soothing sound that builds slowly into resolve as the lyrics proclaim “I’ll search the universe until I can find you again”. Each member has a moment to shine with their unique vocals, and we get to hear the rap line singing, which is always a thrill for me as a listener. The harmonies are sung with the perfect balance, and the song has all of the grace and charm that has become a signature from EXO over the years.

My favorite track on the album is ‘지나갈 테니 Been Through’. The song has a baseline that reminds me slightly of previous EXO release ‘Thunder’, but with a much more mellow feeling. ‘Been Through’ has the kind of vibe in a slow song that I really enjoy, and as always, the vocals impress. Other tracks include ‘Stay’, another song about a love that slipped away, ‘Fall’ which delivers a heavy throwback RnB vibe, and ‘Good Night’, blessing us with more flowing vocals and harmonies than we could ever ask for. The final track on the album, ‘Light’s Out’, brings a hopeful message that “morning is gonna come again”.

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Overall, this winter album is well produced, and the vocals are spot on, delivered with the expert sound of years of practice and dedication that EXO has put into their work. The album has a very consistent sound from start to finish. EXO-L are sure to be thrilled by the release as EXO prove once again why they deserve to be on the K-pop A-list.

EXO-L, have you listened to the Universe album yet? What was your favorite track? Who else melts into a puddle of emotions when the rap line gets a chance to sing? Let’s talk about it in the comments below! 


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