Rapper/producer Giriboy released his latest song, Whyyoumad, on December 20th.  The song features rapper Kim Seung Min and provides you with a head-nodding hook that easily gets stuck in your mind. Whyyoumad asks a very important question that many people in relationships want to know. Getting mad at your mate without letting them know why is definitely a headache and I’m glad Giriboy released this song to discuss how he feels about these types of situations.

I’ll be honest, the beat is what got me attached to this song. It was produced by Coa White, the same person who produced Giriboy’s vv, so you know the beat goes hard in your headphones.

The video itself seems to pay homage to the early 90s Windows Explorer internet that I grew up with. In addition, the technicolor over-saturation of colors in the video makes it visually pleasing to view. I chuckled watching Giriboy sits calmly while his love interest rages around the room, jumping up and down, throwing clothes like a spoiled brat. It does make the viewer want to ask “why you mad”?

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