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Singer/Actor Lee Seung Gi’s new drama, Hwayugi (A Korean Odyssey), has been highly anticipated since his recent return from mandatory military service. Unfortunately, bad luck has riddled the production causing one mishap after the other. Though filming only recently began, there’s already been major issues. The latest one resulted in the serious injury of a member of the production staff. The tvN based drama also stars K-pop idol Lee Hong Gi of FT Island and Cha Seung Won.

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The first issue, although serious in its own right, is completely forgivable. It’s possible for the writing and acting to make up for it if they are stellar. The problem occurred with the airing of Episode 2. To call it a blunder would be truly generous. The show basically aired unedited with stunt equipment for action scenes glaringly visible. Aside from terrible editing, tvN fumbled through the live airing completely by going on and off of air again for long bouts during the show’s airtime before nixing the episode completely. Of course, they offered an apology to viewers citing a short time to edit as the reason for the errors. Lee Seung Gi is always on his A game, so there’s no reason to believe he and the loveable Lee Hong Gi paired with a veteran cast couldn’t turn the situation around.

Lee Hong Gi
Photo Source: FT Island Facebook, Allure Magaine January 2018 Issue

Before they could barely try again, a terrible accident occurred on set. A production crew member was attempting to install a chandelier when he fell off the ladder. He sustained serious injuries that could leave him partially paralyzed. The accident occurred early in the morning on this past Sunday. The crew member is said to have broken his spine and pelvic bones because of the fall. He was transported to the hospital unconscious but has reportedly regained consciousness since then.

Though this is obviously a huge blow to an already shaken team, the drama production is expected to continue. tvN producers have vowed to pay closer attention to prevent any further accidents on set after apologizing profusely for the incident. We wish for the speedy recovery of the crew member that was injured and hope for smoother sailing as the production continues.

Are you watching Lee Seung Gi’s new drama? Are you worried about how these issues will impact the drama going forward? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below. 


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