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Naul of Brown Eyed Soul recently released a video for his remake of an American R&B classic song, Gloria. Gloria was originally performed by Enchantment in 1977. Fans tend to be sensitive when it comes to remakes of originals, especially with classics like Gloria. However, there will be little to criticize about Naul’s version because he remained true to the original melody of the song.

Naul’s voice is so hauntingly beautiful that it’s breathtaking to hear. His serenade beckons to the listener in raw emotion felt deep in the bones. I remember listening to this song as a kid thinking how heartbroken this guy must have been to lose Gloria. I was reminded of these old feelings again. Naul is chillingly similar. His voice aches of a love lost. If I listen with the heart of a bystander, the song is heart-wrenching, but if I imagine myself as his “Gloria” I feel enveloped in his love. This is a song that can fit into any narrative happening in your life simply because it has the power evoke emotion from the past or inspire hope for the renewal of love.

Speaking of inspiration, the video was simple and beautiful. It features a graceful young ballet dancer, whom we can only envision to be Gloria as seen through Naul’s eyes. She dances beautifully through her home, vividly expressing every lyric. The fact that this young woman is also a Black woman further paid homage to the original version of the song as the original singers were pioneers in the African-American music industry. Though it may not matter to most, for me having her be the sole focus of the video is so appreciated because it says that Naul respects The Enchantments and he sees me and women that look like me as beautiful. I don’t know if those are his true thoughts or not, but it’s definitely a feeling I had while watching this video and hearing him sing. This is why representation is so important. I appreciate him doing this and I am so enamored with Naul’s voice that I can’t stop pressing replay. I’ll definitely be purchasing this song.


What did you think of Naul’s remake of this song? Were you as touched by the video as we were? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.



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