Infinite, Top Seed Album Cover Photo Source: Infinite Official Facebook Page

First off… Does L even age? This man still looks as young as he did when they first debuted, but I digress. It’s been a long wait for Infinite’s return, but we finally received news that our boys will be dropping a new album on January 8, 2018. Top Seed is Infinite’s third full album and first production after the departure of member Hoya, who chose not to renew his contract with Woollim Entertainment in April 2017. Their return suggests a new beginning as a matured Infinite. The comeback photos showcase their manly and sophisticated charms that we hope will be transferred into their album as well.

L of Infinite, Top Seed Teaser
Photo Source: Infinite Official Facebook Page

Although L is technically the group’s visual, the men of Infinite have never been lacking when it comes to good looks. It’s proven yet again with the newest teasers of L and Sungyeol. We can all feel blessed with these images because both them are smoldering in chic masculinity These images are very promising and leave us anticipating the remaining teasers.

Sungyeol of Infinite, Top Seed Teaser
Photo Source: Infinite Official Facebook Page

Just ahead of the release of their new album, Infinite will also host a fan meeting where they will greet fans for the first time as six instead of seven. Members, Sungyeol, L, Sungkyu, Woohyun, Dongwoo, and Sungjong will use this moment to “Begin Again” (also the name appointed to the upcoming fan meet) as they celebrate the coming of a new year with fans and move to the next stage of their careers. The fan meet will be held for three days beginning on Friday, December 29th and ending on Sunday, December 30th. We’re looking forward to this comeback and their new beginning.

Are you excited about Infinite’s comeback with Top Seed? Whose teaser photos are you waiting to see? Share your thoughts about this comeback with us in the comments.


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