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R&B are you ready? Solo artist Dean has returned to the music scene with his comeback song InstagramThe song was officially released on December 26 and speaks about a love/hate relationship with Instagram, something many people can connect with.

I’ve learned not to doubt Dean. When I heard he was releasing a new song, I knew I would love it. I wasn’t disappointed when I pushed play either. The guitar strains at the beginning of the song grabbed my eardrum and didn’t let go until the final strains as the music faded. Instagram is the type of song that makes me drive around as the sun sets, windows down, enjoying the night’s breeze while contemplating life. Am I the only one that feels that way?

Dean also did an interview with Spot about creating the song. In the interview, he talks about if the song talks about an ex-girlfriend, why he deletes pictures after posting them, and what he worries about when making music. It’s definitely an interesting interview and gives us an insight into how Dean’s brain works. I chuckled while watching because I often wonder how often artists are truly on social media. When you get a notification that your favorite has posted a new picture, do you wonder is it actually them or is it someone from their team? At least now I know with Dean, it’s really him.

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What do you think of Dean’s new song? Will it be his next big hit? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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