Source: TaeYeon Official Website

A few weeks ago, Taeyeon of SM Entertainment released a Christmas song to add to this season’s growing, well-rounded winter K-pop playlist to enjoy during the end of year celebrations. This year, the sweet songstress brought us a Christmas ballad titled This Christmas. The single accompanies her new winter album ‘This Christmas  – Winter Is Coming’.

The Girl’s Generation singer gifts us with a song full of emotion with the single. The music video for ‘This Christmas’ is a look back on Christmases past as she rides in the back of a car to return home for the holiday. While a bit sad, the video is here to remind us to think of our loved ones and family. It shows the common behavior of a child growing into a teenager and becoming less interested in their parent’s help as they get older. However, as adulthood comes, it is more clear that the love between family was always there, reminding us of bonds that are important in our lives as we move into the winter holidays.

Source: TaeYeon Official Website

Taeyeon’s album has several other songs for you to enjoy before Christmas (and after, if you’re that kind of person) including the fun English track The Magic of Christmas Time. I really enjoyed this song because of it’s sweet, simple melody and the peaceful scene that the lyrics describe.

What did you think of Taeyeon’s sweet winter album? Are you ready for Christmas and the winter holiday season K-pop fans? Let us know what K-pop albums you would put on YOUR Christmas list in the comments below!


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