Solo artist and producer, Kinda (prounounced kin-da), has just released a new head nodding song, Trippin.  Trippin is a mid-tempo song that can find its home in the R&B genre as well as electronic. The hook asks “why do I feel like I’m trippin’ on you” and I have to say that I am trippin’ off of how good this song is.

If Kinda’s voice sounds familiar to you, it’s because he isn’t just any new soloist. Kinda is a former member of the the Korean boy band Topp Dogg under HUNUS Entertainment. Then he went under the stage name Nakta. Although the Facebook page currently still lists him as a vocalist with the group, he left the label in September of this year to pursue his own music. Kinda was once also a trainee under Jellyfish Entertainment. A little tidbit of knowledge is that he was supposed to debut with VIXX though of course didn’t end up with them. He continued to gain experience by participating in MNET’s reality show “My Dol” in 2012.

Fans have expressed how excited and happy they are to have Kinda releasing new music and are strongly encouraging him to release a full-length album. If his new music continues to be as good as Trippin is, I will definitely be one of the first ones to grab a copy of it.

Be sure to follow Kinda and support his new music on social media.

Soundcloud: @kindaclass

Instagram: @kinda_syc

Facebook: @kinda

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