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On December 19th, R&B mastermind, Crush, released his newest single ‘내 편이 돼줘 (Be By My Side)’. Crush is known to melt hearts and this time is no different. ‘Be By My Side’ is so comfortable and calm as if he were having a conversation with you. Crush delivers a mellow and heartwarming sound with easy vocals in a sincere request for you to stay by his side.

Older fans will immediately notice that ‘Be By My Side’ features samples of a popular classic. There are traces of Brazilian Rhyme by the legendary soul group Earth, Wind, And Fire whose member, Maurice White also wrote the song. This is a lovely addition to the heartfelt feelings that envelope Crush’s emotional plea. In some ways, it’s as heartwrenching as it is touching considering the time of release.

The accompanying music video begins with Crush providing an explanation of the meaning of the song. As the melody begins, he takes us through his creative process with scenes of him recording. One can’t help but be reminded of how precious his fans are to him as we receive glimpses of the hard work and effort he puts into his music. The sincerity of the lyrics really hit home as he exposes a bit of vulnerability that is all too real right now.

As we continue the journey from studio to stage and back again, Crush shows us life from his point of view. It’s a mesmerizing moment that you feel in your chest. By the end of the video, you will be mouthing the words “Yes, Crush. I will stay by your side. Forever.”

Have you seen Crush’s new video? Were you as moved as we were by it? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.


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