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Starship Entertainment and Cube Entertainment have teamed up to bring us the cutest little rap squad out there. OGSchool Project is a group of three twelve-year-old boys that have recently turned K-Hip Hop on its head. They are so fly in their concept photos that you won’t be able to resist their charms. Even more exciting is that all three are mega-talented and can rap you into oblivion. Get to know each member with us as we try to figure out who we’re going to stan.

We’re not ready!!!!!

Source: @cubeunited Official Twitter

Jo Woochan (Cube Entertainment)

Woochan was the youngest contestant to ever appear on Show Me the Money. He held his own topping out at number 6 of Season 6 which aired earlier this year. He was so good that he’s being hailed as the next Dok2. Those are some pretty big shoes for him to fill, but from the sound of his flow from SMTM, we have no doubts he can. By the way, Woochan has a birthday coming up on Jan 20th. Be sure to send him lots of love on his day!

Source: @cubeunited Official Twitter

Park Hyunjin (Starship Entertainment)

Do you remember the cutie-patootie singing-rap duo, Boyfriend, from K-Pop Star Season 6? Hyunjin was one-half of that group. We all fell in love with their adorableness and were amazed at how talented they are to be so young. Well, Hyunjin signed with Starship and is now a part of this project group. Hyunjin is one the hottest young celebrities in K-pop right now. We can’t wait to see more of what he has to offer. Seeing as though he was the youngest winner of K-pop Star so far, its no doubt that we won’t be disappointed. Hyunjin’s birthday is only a few months after Woochan’s, on May 24th. So be sure to mark your calendars (Ha! Like we’d ever forget!).

Source: @cubeunited Official Twitter

Achillo (Starship Entertainment)

Last but certainly not least is Achillo. First and foremost, LOVE HIS NAME!!! It’s so fitting considering that Achillo has made a name for himself as a rising star of the underground hip-hop scene in Korea. For him to have made waves underground already means that he could possibly be the “power voice” of the team. It’ll be interesting to see how the unrestricted sounds of underground rap are merged with the more refined sounds of mainstream K-pop. Although Achillo is the maknae of the group, we get to celebrate his birthday first. We’ll be sending lots of love to him this December 23rd (Christmas baby!!!!) to help celebrate his birthday and their new single.

Wow! These guys are so cool that we still don’t know who our bias will be yet. Maybe once their single drops on December 20th, we can make a decision.You can check out a teaser for the upcoming release here. It’s being produced by Groovy Room, so you already know it’s going to be lit.

Are you excited about OGSchool Project? If so, have you decided who your bias will be yet? Let’s talk more in the comments about this new unit from Starship & Cube. 


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