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Recently, two artists from two different legendary groups under SM Entertainment (SME) experienced major scandals that could have very well have ended their careers, or at least impeded them significantly. Choi Siwon of Super Junior and Onew of SHINee were both embroiled in issues earlier this year that impacted their abilities to promote and perform with their respective groups. However, recent news from Korea indicates that both will be returning or have returned to the stage.

Choi Siwon of Super Junior Photo Source: Super Junior Official Website

In October, a neighbor of Siwon’s family, Mrs. Kim, died of sepsis following a bite from Siwon’s dog that was unleashed at the time of the incident. Although Siwon himself was not present when the attack occurred, he personally apologized and Mrs. Kim’s family publically stated their forgiveness. Even still, the severity of the outcome could not be ignored. Siwon was ultimately restricted from promoting with Super Junior’s latest comeback album, Play. He did, however, finish up filming for the drama Revolutionary Love.

After a couple of months hiatus, Siwon has reportedly returned joining Super Junior on stage for the first stop of Super Show 7 on December 15. Fans seemed to welcome him back as they excitedly shared photos from the concert while expressing joy to see him there. Many were concerned that he would not be allowed to participate.

Onew of SHINee
Photo Source: Official SHINee Website

Onew is also scheduled to return early next year in February when SHINee goes on tour. His first reappearance is expected to be during the Japan stop of their tour. Onew found himself ensnared in accusations of sexual harassment after a drunken night of clubbing led to unwelcomed skinship with a female club-goer. The accuser later retracted her statements and Onew also eventually apologized for worrying fans with his actions. Though no charges were filed or are currently being pursued in the case, there has been some backlash against Onew’s presence in recent SME activities like the company Christmas promotions and the group’s tour. It’s difficult to tell exactly how deep the dissatisfaction is as SME hasn’t addressed the reports nor has Onew.

Regardless, both of their return to the stage means that the fans who support the full group promoting will not be disappointed. Both Super Junior and SHINee are well known for their excellent stage performances. Their tours are highly anticipated globally as fans pray their city will be included in the schedule.

What are your thoughts on Siwon and Onew returning to the stage after their scandals? Do you think it’s too soon or not soon enough? Tell us your opinion in the comments.


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