Monsta X Christmas
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Monbebes rejoice! Monsta X will be releasing a new song just in time for the Christmas holiday. The song is titled The Wretched Christmas and will be released on December 18th, 6pm KST. Monsta X also took part in Starship Planet’s collaboration song Christmas Day, which was released on December 8th.


Christmas Day features several popular Starship Entertainment artists such as K.Will and Cosmic Girls. Even rapper Mad Clown makes a cute appearance.  This song has all the traditional markings of a Christmas classic, complete with sleigh bells jingling in the instrumental and imitation snow falling from the sky in the video. Christmas Day is a fun, upbeat song that you’ll want to add to your holiday playlist.

Although the title, Wretched Christmas, doesn’t sound quite as upbeat as Christmas Day, you can still find joy in that it was composed by Monsta X member, Jooheon. Jooheon has co-written other tracks on Monsta X albums in the past. So expectations are high for Wretched Christmas.

Personally, I love traditionally upbeat Christmas music because it gets me in the holiday spirit and wanting to enjoy time with my loved ones. I typically stay away from songs of breakups and missed opportunities because they make me depressed. I am hoping that Wretched Christmas won’t be this type of song because I’m really looking forward to what Jooheon creates. Hopefully, we’ll get a hint with the teaser or I will be pleasantly surprised with the full song.

What is your favorite Christmas song sung by idols? Leave them in the comments below and we’ll check them out!


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